Fire-Retardant Lacquers

IWe are now approved applicators of fire-retardent lacquers

Clasolac Fire-Retardant Acid-Catalyst Lacquer

IA quick drying, high build Acid-Catalyst lacquer designed for manual or automatic spray application.   clasolac maintains the substrate rating and does not  upgrade it.


clasolac meets the requirements of BS 476: Part 6:1989 & Part 7: 1997 Compliance with the Requirements for Class 1 & Class O Surfaces ( as defined in Approved Document B of the Building Regulations 2000), when applied on rated MDF

clasolac Fire Retardant lacquers are available in Fastmatch colours BS, RAL, NCS

Irufire Real & Integral B-s2,d0 PUR

This system has been developed to coat wooden surfaces which need to comply with UNE_EN 13823:2012 Standard of reaction to fire SBI (Single Burning Item) test, and be classified according to UNE-EN 13501-2007 & A1;2010 (Euroclasses)

The system comprises a combination of two main products - Irufire Primer IP-1 and Irufire Topcoat IT-1,  which can be used to create coating systems that either maintain or upgrade to Euroclass B-s1,d0 classification.   For use as a maintenance systemfor coating walls and ceilings made from wooden substrates that are flame retardent and already certified as B-s1,d0.     

The Irufire B-s1 system has been certified for application in both clear coatings of any gloss level and pigmented coatings in any gloss level and any colour, giving the user ultimate flexibility to ensure that the client's requirements are fulfilled.