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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Back painted glass is perfect for use in your home. It can quickly transform the look of your kitchen and bring it up to date with a splash of colour. More importantly, it is easy to clean and it's smooth surface does not harbour germs. Our splashbacks are toughened and foiled to ensure quality and safety and they are available in a wide range of colour options. If you are looking for a standard rectangular or square splashback that you intend to fit yourself, we can give you a quote. For more complex jobs with cut outs, curves etc we can give you an initial estimate based on your measurements and drawings. You can fax your sketch to 01268 522133 or email it to

Please make sure that you show all cut outs, including notches for wires etc. as this will affect the final cost. Remember, if you are fitting your splashback yourself you must ensure all meaurements are correct as toughened splashbacks cannot be cut to fit if measurements are not accurate. If you wish to order your splashback based on your estimate, we will send a qualified Glass Fitting Specialist to take final measurements to allow us to give you a firm quote and proceed with your order. If you are having a new kitchen put in, just remember that your splashback will be the last thing to be installed and we will only take final measurements once this has been done. We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of ordering and the remaining 50% upon completion. For more tips on DIY installation  read our DIY Splashback Tips.


Glass 4mm Stock Sheets
Glass Wall Cladding

Glass wall cladding can be back painted to match any colour. Here is an example of some 6mm low iron white glass wall cladding that we sprayed for a restaurant interior. The customer then decorated it with their own vinyl stickers, to great effect. Glass wall cladding gives a very modern finish and is also practical for high traffic areas. We work closely with our reliable Glass Fitting Specialsts to offer you a complete and hassle free service. There are some important factors to consider when ordering your back painted wall cladding for example, to ensure continuity of colour you must order all glass for each job as one batch.

You can ask us to arrange the measuring and fitting of your glass splashback, but if you would like to undertake the job yourself, you can find more information on our site on how to DO IT YOURSELF.


We now supply 4mm and 6mm glass and mirror for your home and garden. Please contact us to request a quote at

For our trade customers we offer Back Painted 4mm glass stock sheets. Black and white stock is available and we can also offer a wide range of colours. We can colour match to RAL, Pantone, Dulux, Farrow & Ball to name but a few. Simply get in touch by email or phone for more information.

Important factors when ordering back painted glass..

There are some important factors to take into consideration when ordering back painted glass.

  • Standard Float glass has a slight green appearance to it, due to the iron content of the glass. The thicker the glass, the darker this green tone appears to be. Therefore, to acheive an even colour across your project you must use the same thickness of glass.

  • Low Iron Glass does not have the same hue when painted and we recommend this for lighter paint colours to acheive a truer colour. It is also the best choice if you need to use different thicknesses of glass across the same job.

  • Variations in glass batches: Please order all glass for each job as one lot. There are variations in glass batches, which although subtle may be amplified once back painted, and we cannot guarantee that the paint you ordered for your 1st piece of glass will look exactly the same through the glass you order at a later date. This is the same across the industry but we just wanted to make you aware of this.

  • When painted, glass has increased reflection and the colour can appear lighter with some shades. Also, consider how the colours of the surrounding furniture and worktop may be reflected in your coloured splashback. Lighting conditions will also have an affect on the appearance your splashback, as with paint or wallpaper, just consider this when selecting your paint colour. Our Sparkle splashbacks have a subtle glitter throughout and obviously look more effective in areas where there is lighting to reflect the glitter.

  • Please see our Terms and Conditions or more information.